Tuesday, November 2, 2010


  • 1) Should Americans not ask why China has increased funding for its 2.3m strong military (the world's largest) at such a rapid rate—17.8% last year compared with America's 3.4%?
2) Should Americans not be concerned about the decline of western power in the UN and the WTO, where China's "cheque book diplomacy" enlists an expanding bloc of supporters and admirers when America's and China's interests clash?

3) The majority of people in the US believe oil companies should be more regulated in the wake of BP's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

4) More than half a million people trapped by floods in north-west Pakistan are facing increasingly desperate conditions as monsoon rains prevent helicopters from reaching the worst-hit areas. Should Indian Air force provide assistance with its squadron located at Siachen? Comment

5) What is striking about China's foreign policy is how cautiously it has sought to avoid an ideological cold war with America by emphasizing commonalities instead of highlighting differences. Do you agree?

6) EU is a model that is doomed from the start. Comment

7) Turkey is gaining in importance in the world politics. It will be insane for any political thinker to call it as “sick man of Europe”. Elucidate with reasons?

8) It is the grant and aid that is providing the second spell of disaster for Africa after the end of colonialism. Do you agree?

9) It will be technical innovation that will force the world society to redraw or erase their boundaries. Comment before explaining?

10) Saudi Arabia has snow fall, Leh has flash flood, Peru has experienced the worst sub zero temperature ever in the recorded history. How much human beings are responsible for all of this considering the fact that still there is debate in the scientific community about the science of global warming as normal cyclical phenomenon and not something anthropogenic?

11) Pakistan government must think that Taliban poses greater threat to them than India.
12) G-20 has taken the baton from the G-8

13) India, Germany and Japan must get their due status as permanent member of UNSC.

14) China's breakneck growth has produced severe inequality, corruption and environmental pollution, and that in many respects, China is a fragile superpower. Advocate this point with elucidation?

15) Gaza Strip is a nation in captivity. Explain and suggest measures as World citizen to soothe the situation in that area?

16) UN General Assembly is more democratic than UN Security Council. Do you agree?

17) World Bank is more accessible banking medium than IMF for the developing nation. Explain and suggest reason for IMF to transform itself?

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